Every piece of garment tells a story. Every piece of garment has layers of emotions behind it. The House of Arpita & Sulakshana is a couture brand that weaves captivating tales through each of its exquisite garments. With a focus on sustainability and a passion for timeless elegance, their hand-painted and artisanal creations are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. With each new collection, the House of Arpita & Sulakshana continues to redefine the
boundaries of fashion, creating stunning and sustainable pieces that are as unique as the women who wear them. Whether it's for weddings or any other occasion, their collection showcases a perfect blend of art and fashion, encapsulating a range of emotions and stories.

The latest collection from the brand is truly remarkable as it seamlessly blends the essence of nature with traditional designs. Titled "Rang Raas", it is a perfect reflection of the brand's artistic vision and creative flair. The brand's recent participation in the esteemed Numaish Lifestyle Exhibition in Dubai was a significant milestone, further showcasing its excellence in the
fashion industry.

The Numaish Lifestyle Exhibition is widely recognized as a prestigious platform for fashion and lifestyle brands to showcase their latest offerings. With over 70 shows completed and more than 70,000 attendees worldwide, it is an event that garners immense attention and admiration from fashion enthusiasts and industry experts alike. For the brand to have launched its latest collection at this event is a testament to its dedication and hard work.


Rang Raas draws inspiration from the mystical Nidhivan forest in Vrindavan, one of the most sacred places in India. With a deep-rooted connection to the divine love of Radha and Krishna, Nidhivan captures the essence of their eternal romance. The Rang Raas collection pays homage to this timeless love story, featuring intricate hand-painted designs that showcase the beauty of the forest and its divine inhabitants. The collection boasts a range of flowing silhouettes, intricate detailing, and vibrant hues that exude grace and sophistication. The garments are not just clothing, but cherished memories that embody the essence of the divine love story. With the Rang Raas collection, you can
experience the beauty and magic of Nidhivan in every stitch and brushstroke.

By bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, Arpita & Sulakshana aim to make Indian culture and art accessible to a global audience. With their unique creations that embody the essence of India's rich cultural heritage, the House of Arpita & Sulakshana is making a significant contribution towards promoting the timeless beauty of Indian fashion and craftsmanship to the
world. And what better place to launch this collection than in Dubai?

"Rang Raas" adds a colorful touch of tradition and heritage to the grandeur of Dubai.

People were particularly impressed with the intricate embroidery work, the use of luxurious fabrics, and the attention to detail in each piece. The fusion of traditional Indian motifs with modern silhouettes and embellishments also received high praise. Many attendees at the launch event commented on how the Rang Raas collection brought a unique and vibrant energy to Dubai's fashion scene, making it stand out among other designer brands. Overall, the success of the Rang Raas collection was a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation, and it left a lasting impression on those who were lucky enough to witness it.

Moving forward, Arpita & Sulakshana envisions their brand reaching many such milestones, and taking their brand international.

March 30, 2023 — Arpita Bhareja